I can remember from an early age being fascinated with gaming and collecting.  I started my journey collecting GI Joe, went from that to playing Nintendo with my brothers and playing those games at that time felt like living in the future!  I went from that fascination to sports cards and comic books.  I loved hanging out in comic stores and just window shopping.  I was on a limited budget back then, having to work odd jobs to come up with my disposable cash to fund my hobbies.  I started playing dungeons and dragons with my brothers in the early 90's and had a blast.  Finally in 1994 I found a starter deck of Magic the Gathering in my brothers' room and that started the journey that took me to owning my own store.  From the first time I played (my brother made me go buy my own starter deck) I was hooked.  I played Magic the Gathering on and off through my whole adult life.  I worked many different jobs over the years but never felt satisfied or fulfilled.  I was playing commander with a group of friends one night and decided then and there I was going to open a game store (mainly because I was tired of working for other people and being unappreciated).  It was not easy to get to where we are today.  It took 5 years of hard work just to be able to start paying myself (my wife was supporting us).  I started with no capital and just my collection in a 500sqft rental space and grew to our now 3000sqft space.  It takes long hours and dedication to run a gaming store.  It is not the most financially rewarding thing you can do either but the community and freedom make up for it.  It is not for everyone and can be a thankless job but I am glad to be doing it.  Here is to 10 years and hopefully many more!